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How are you feeling?

Whether the going's good or times are tough, there are lots of little things we can do to strengthen our wellbeing and boost the way we feel.

Mental wellbeing is all about feeling good and functioning well – and just like our physical health, our mental health is something we can all look after and strengthen.

Check out all the ways to boost your mood or talk to someone

How's your mate feeling?

It’s good to look out for each other. Creating and maintaining relationships is critical to boosting wellbeing - our relationships help us feel valued, loved and give purpose - all this makes us feel good!

So what’s the best way to check in with your mate and ask how they’re going?

Find out all the ways you can check on a mate

Interested in Wellbeing for your Club but not sure where to start?

In Aotearoa, we know that 1 in 5 people are experiencing mental health challenges at any one time; and our rugby community is no exception to this.

MSE offer free workshops in rugby clubs across the motu, equipping people with tools to help themselves and others. These workshops are designed for players, coaches, support staff and your wider rugby whānau so everyone can get involved.

Learn more about our workshops here

Self Tests

It’s normal to feel off your game sometimes but if those feelings are sticking around it might be that you need some support. Try one of the self-tests below to learn more.