Downloadable Resources

Our collection includes our "Wellbeing Plan" which provides practical tools and strategies to help you prioritize and manage your mental health. You can learn how to use this here.

We also offer a selection of posters that serve as powerful reminders and conversation starters.

The "Kōrero about it" poster encourages open communication and breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health discussions.

The "Strengthen your wellbeing" poster offers tips and techniques to build resilience and maintain a healthy state of mind.

Lastly, the "ALEC" poster introduces a simple, yet effective method for checking in on yourself and others.


All of our resources are available for free download or contact us to order a resource pack to be sent out to you.


MSE Wellbeing Plan

Wellbeing Plan

MSE-MiniWorkbook.pdfpdf1.9 MB


MSE Korero Poster

Kōrero about it

A4-MSE-Korero-Poster245 KB

MSE Wellbeing Poster

Strengthen your wellbeing

MSE-Wellbeing-Poster-865 KB

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MSE-ALEC-Poster292 KB